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Mobile Locksmith Gladstone

Are you in search of a Mobile Locksmith Gladstone?

Look no further, Safetek Locksmiths is your mobile locksmith Gladstone. It is a family-owned business and we have developed a comprehensive range of services over the years, and one of our specialist areas is dealing with automotive locksmith emergencies. We’ve grown to become one of the leading auto locksmiths in the Gladstone region in Central Queensland. We're unique in that we know our cars and have extensive automotive knowledge while staying current with the latest vehicle specifications and equipment. Our success has been built on the combination of our family values, unparalleled experience, and commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing automotive landscape. 

Don't Panic!

Have you ever been in a situation where you've accidentally locked yourself out of your home or car without a spare key? It's a helpless feeling that can quickly turn into a panic if you don't know who to call. In times like these, a reliable locksmith can be a lifesaver.

Did you know that most people who you imagine are locksmiths just aren’t. That’s right, a lot of people are given basic training on how to cut keys but that is about it. They might look like locksmiths, but only a professionally trained locksmith can reliably get you out of trouble, time and again. 

Kevin can solve all sorts of problems. Gaining entry to those locked out of their cars or their homes. What's more, Kevin is also adept at programming car keys or any other key for that matter.

We can also install deadlocks/window locks, clone transponders, design restricted master key systems, and provide security advice.

Safetek Locksmiths can respond immediately in your time of need. We are a fully qualified and equipped mobile locksmith and will get you out of trouble.

Kevin holds a Queensland Government Security Provider License and is a Certified Practising Locksmith and member of the LGA..

Call Kevin from Safetek Locksmiths:  


*Member of the Locksmith Guild of Australia (LGA)

*Certified Practising Locksmith (CPL)

*Queensland Security Provider License Number: 3479071



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